Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blissfull Ecstasy by Rishi Vidhyadharji

The evening of 27 March 2010 became unforgetable for participants and other members of Art of Living who came to attend Satsang at Sambodhi Dham.Whole day members were busy in learning Pranayam and Dhyan under the expert guidance of Rishi Vidhyadharji.At evening Rishiji first answered the problems and queries of the members.He satisfied everyone by quoting Pujya Gurudev and sometimes adding his great sense of humour and the faces of all members blossomed like fresh flowers.The last bhajan was sung by Rishiji himself Jai jai Govind Hare jai jai Gopal hare...and all members were dancing and singing in blissfull ecstasy oblivious of pain in body due to yoga postures.Everybody is in love with Rishiji.Jai Gurudev

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moun Ki Gunj

In the advance course at Jodhpur 81 participants are taking their advance course under the cool ambience of Rishi Vidhyadharji.He is really amazing and kindness impersonated.All participants are observing "moun"from 25 March evening to 28 March afternoon.Here is a view of location known as Sambodhi Dham on Kaylana Road where this part 2 is being held.You can see the meditation room is at the top of hillock and surrounding are full of natural bliss.An ideal place for meditation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warm Wel-Come of Rishi Vidhyadharji at Jodhpur

24 March 2010

Rishi Vidhyadharji arrived Jodhpur at 1.30 PM by flight.Lot of members of art of living and devotees of Sri Sri Gurudev were present at airport to receive him.All were jubilant and happy to find revered Rishiji amongst us.He was given a warm welcome in traditional Rajasthani way by garlands and aarti.
Everyone is looking forward to commencement of advance course in the evening.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Basic Course By Sh.Mahesh Sharmaji

We continued with Sri Sri Yoga and Nitya Yoga with the help of CD.I found the flow of Asans to be very comfortable.In March we saw the ad that Shri Mahesh Sharma is conducting basic course at Jodhpur.My wife Pushpa Goyal also decided to join and thus both of us got enrolled with the grace of Gurudev.Maheshji has an aura of rediance and we were immediately taken by his charishmatic personality.The basic course was full of positive energy and we are now looking forward to join advance course.

Sri Sri Yoga by Mahesh Giriji

In the month of January 2010 the B.K.Stadium of Jodhpur was bustled with hundreds of young and old ,males and females at early dawn to perform and learn Yoga from young energetic and stylish Mahesh Giriji.Thousands attended Mantranad and took vows to make Jodhpur plastic free city.